Posted by: k | September 9, 2007

Self-help – the cosmetic side

It’s now time to get stuck into that spring cleaning you have laying around.

Me… I’m not cleaning my room. Although I probably should, because things are piling up everywhere. Again.

No… I’m spring cleaning myself, instead. Call it a personal makeover for the cheap. I’m starting at my feet, and working up. Maybe I should have started at my head though, considering I got a haircut yesterday. Oh, whatever. I’m starting at my feet.

I will tell you now, I am not a feet person. Feet freak me out. Sometimes I can’t even bear to look at my own feet. Oh, and if we’re introduced, and you’re wearing strappy shoes or thongs, look out, because for some reason, I just have to look down, just to see if there’s anything feral below the ankle.

Am I the only one that does that?

Anyway, my own feet. They are in a terrible state. Yucky dry skin on the heels, blisters, peeling skin from burst blisters, yellow toenails. Eww. But, since it’s Spring, and soon all the strappy and slinky shoes will reappear, it’s time to stop hiding my hideous trotters in my awesome ankle boots and get them into shape.

I bought a lovely deep purple nail polish today, which I’m slowly getting around to applying, once I trim toenails and attend to dead skin etc… (oh God, I must sound like I don’t shower or something!) Then I’m going to drag out my foot-spa, treat myself to a soaking, get rid of all the dried dead stuff, and moisturise. I’ve even taken off my toe rings, and I’m going to grab the jewelry cleaner and get them sparkling again. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned my toe rings properly. They’re already off, and let me say, my feet look so plain and naked without them. FYI, I wear one toe ring on each foot, on my second toes. One’s a filigree butterfly, and the other one is a solid band with moons and stars etched into it. And… my toes have grooves in them from where the rings sit. Guess that happens after 4 years. Heh.

I also bought Dove’s Summer Glow moisturiser. Because I’m practically albino, and I’d like to have just a hint of colour. Just a little. So that will be going on the legs and arms, etc, and hopefully I’ll start to brown up a shade or two. I’m sick of glowing like a ghost in all my photos!

Still going to the gym, so that’s working on getting the body into shape. Still want to lose another 7kg by the end of the year. Will see how we go…

Had to bite the bullet and get a proper anti-acne body wash. All of a sudden I’ve started breaking out across my decollatage, ie, between my neck and boobs. I don’t get it. I had nearly perfect skin all through my teens, and NOW I start breaking out?! Ridiculous. Not impressed.

I shall continue with my preening, and will let you know when I’m done. Heck, I may even take a photo of my feet when they’re looking respectable!


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