Posted by: k | September 8, 2007


I love Matchbox Twenty. I used to listen to them all time… there was always a song to match whatever mood I was in.

For awhile, I stopped listening. The sound of Rob Thomas’ voice reminded me of things I wanted to forget. Reminded me of people I wanted to forget. I still loved the music, but for a bit of time, it was too painful.

Then I got to thinking: why did I stop listening again?

Matchbox Twenty have just released a new song, and I love it! Very catchy… I find myself singing it in my head as I carry out random duties.

The reason that I stopped listening? Is gone. I have no idea.

See, in my head, I kind of have a…. soundtrack to my life, I guess you could say. When I was feeling down, I could play “Unwell”, or a few other songs, and it would transport me back to feelings of uselessness. Or I’d play “Disease” when I was feeling a bit flirty, or “Smooth” when I wished I could dance.

“Let’s See How Far We’ve Come”? Total awesomeness. Made me re-evaluate the way I was looking at things.

Seems I’ve come a long way! All those petty things that used to worry me? Meh. They were petty. All those people that taunted me? Jealous. (Well, that’s what I’ll tell myself.)
Didn’t want me? Your loss. Trust me. You’re missing out on what could have been the best thing that ever happened to you. Matt will vouch for that!

Then a friend told me about how she went to a Matchbox Twenty concert one time, and Rob Thomas was wearing leather pants – and looked GOOD in them.

Shit – where are my CD’s?! Ahh… found em.

I am now at peace with the world – and Matchbox Twenty. As Rob himself sings: “And it’s good, that I’m not angry anymore.”

I spent most of this afternoon going from shop to shop, looking for a decent sports bra. I would have found one many times over, if I were only an A or B cup. But DD’s? Apparently we don’t need sports bras. Or they’re very popular. I eventually found one… but it cost me $55! My assets better not move an INCH when I wear that damn thing… geez!

And now, believe it or not, it’s time for another bag!

I got this one, oh, about 5 years ago, I think. It’s very practical and roomy. The last time I used it though, I realised that one of the straps was about to snap off. I haven’t gotten around to fixing yet, but I will eventually! When I’m desperate to use it…



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