Posted by: k | September 7, 2007

New template – apologies!

I do apologise for changing the template all of a sudden – but I got sick of looking at my homemade header graphic. I’m not as good with PSP as I used to be – *sniff*
I know, it’s only a standard one… not very unique, as I like to be (as much as possible). I’ll look into purchasing some WordPress credits soon and maybe I can come up with something a bit more creative! Any suggestions? I’m thinking about something light and airy…

I’m also thinking about getting someone to review my blog, and bluntly point me in the right direction of what I can fix up around here. I would love to have more readers! I’m still relatively new at serious blogging, though, and I understand that it takes time to build up a loyal following…

In other news:

I’m very excited – it’s Friday! I’m also waiting for Friday’s Feast to be updated, so I can indulge in my “buffet for the brain”. I have a sneaking suspicion that the site runs on US time… which is diappointing for an impatient Aussie blogger!

Today is turning out to be a good day, so far. Apart from my lack of sleep (due to other half’s snoring, and wisdom tooth pain), I had a relatively quick trip to work, not a lot of mail to collect (bonus!), was complimented on my outfit (I bought a new shirt for work), and then a discussion was held on weight loss, and more comments followed on how good I’m looking lately.

If too many people comment on my weight loss, my head might just swell up again. And it won’t be fat cells this time around.

Okay, I better get some work done. I’ll be back later on, to update the bag collection, and hopefully to post this week’s Friday’s Feast!



  1. Oh I loved your header! You are much better at that stuff than I am …

  2. I loved it too! This one is good though. Sometimes you feel like a change. I can understand that.

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