Posted by: k | September 6, 2007


My boss is a very strange man. Very, very strange.

Sometimes, he just seems like a pompous, demanding old man, and you hope that he leaves you alone for the day, because he takes awhile to make up his mind about what he wants you to do.

But other times, not often, but occasionally, he does something that shocks you.

The other day, he randomly asked me if I was still going to the gym, and when I said I’d started a challenge, he asked how long I’d been doing it. (By the way, we’re now into Week 3.)

Ten minutes ago, I was writing an email for him, and while I was looking for the attachment, he goes “are you losing weight?”
To which I said yes, of course.

Then he said that he can see it in my face and stuff, and when I said I’d lost 8kg since January, he was all “wow, good on you!”

I got all embarrassed… finished the email, and then he walked away, and I thought “huh?!”

I’m still sitting here shaking my head.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that it’s becoming blatantly obvious… it’s just odd, because my boss tries to keep things impersonal. The only other compliment I’ve ever gotten from him was when he met my mum, and he was talking about how he couldn’t be happier with my work. But that’s different…

 ETA: He came back and asked me how much more I want to lose, and I said another 7kg this year, and then 15kg after that, for a total loss of 30kg.
And he says “That’s too much! You’ll disappear after that!”
And I made an email signature for the Irish Association, and he said it was “brilliant… shows that you’re thinking!”


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