Posted by: k | September 6, 2007

No more eBay!

I mean it this time, no more!

No more bidding on stuff that I don’t really need, but looks pretty.

Like the polka dot heels I scored this morning. I had to fight for them… but I won out in the end.

I guess I do need new work shoes though… the weather will warm up soon, and legs and feet will be back on display.

If I wasn’t ticklish, I’d get another pedicure. I did that once… it was more torture than pleasure! Better off sticking to the foot spa at home treatment.

No more eBay. No more scrapbooking stuff (for now). No more clothes. No more shoes. No more bags. Just… no!

No more… until all my items arrive in the mail, at least.

Items that have arrived:
CSIRO wellbeing diet books 1 & 2, 2 microwave cookbooks, bath & beauty recipes, before and after scrapbooking kit, and my CM (Creative Memories) bubble maker.

Items I’m waiting on:
Betty Boop bag, polka dot heels, summer dress, carry bag kit, CM personal trimmer, CM toppings pack (I think this one got lost in the mail… will get onto the seller tomorrow!)


See why I need to stop?

That’s like, $200 worth of stuff right there! In two weeks!

But I saved money on all of it! Haha.

Now all I need is my tax return to be finalised, and then I can pay for all of this!

C’mon… gimme my money!

But, do you know what’s funny about this?

Matt can’t say a word… because the “Pool Table of Evil Proportions” as I am now referring to it, will be mentioned, and my eBay spree will pale in comparison to the $800 box that is sitting in storage, unopened.




  1. Okay – let’s avoid Ebay together!

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