Posted by: k | September 5, 2007

Happy Hump Day for me…


I thought I was having a bad start to the day. I was running late. I didn’t have anything for lunch. I was sleepy.

Turns out I’m having a better day than some.

I saw a car accident this morning. I’d say they’re having a worse day than me.

I was sitting at the intersection waiting for the lights to change. Two Fords (Holden fans may rejoice at this) were coming in the opposite direction. The only thing I can think of is one went to merge without looking, and cleaned up the other.

I can’t tell you exactly what happened, because I only saw it out of the corner of my eye. There wasn’t even really a big bang, just a small crunch, and then two cars limping out of the intersection. One was a new Falcon, which ended up with its front bumper all crunched in, and the other was a Festiva, and it wasn’t too badly damaged from what I saw when I drove past it. Its front left guard was a bit dinged, and the headlight was smashed.

The guy in the Festiva got out pretty quick, looked at his car, and then started storming over to the Falcon, which was still limping over to the side of the intersection (and blocked off the lane I wanted to turn into). It sat there for a few seconds, then a woman slowly got out and walked around the back. The guy approached her with his arms up in the air, like “don’t you look?” I guess she was the one at fault. Then the lights changed and I had to try and drive around them, and avoid the stuff on the road. After I got the mail, I drove past again, and they were still talking, or arguing, or whatever.

I hope I’m never in an accident. Had a couple of close calls (due to stupidity of others, like doing illegal u-turns and cutting me off, and not letting me lane change), but so far, I’m all good. I think that if I was in an accident, and someone was seriously hurt (like crippled) or killed, I’d never drive again.

Matt jokes that one day he’s going to test out his airbags. I don’t think that’s funny…

I felt sorry for those people this morning. More for the guy, because it seemed like it wasn’t his fault. Either way, a car accident first thing in the morning isn’t a good start to the day.



  1. I had a horrible start to the day too..

    Accidents suck. I’ve been involved in two (one in each of my cars) and both times it was the fault of another STUPID driver. Even though they weren’t serious, they were still terrifying and inconveniencing.. big giant pain in the ass!

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