Posted by: k | September 4, 2007

Turbulent Tuesday, I do believe.

Damnit… they’re playing that Britney song on the radio again. It’s going to be stuck in my head ALL DAY. I just know it.

Today… is Tuesday. Which isn’t much better than Monday, to be honest.

This time next week, I’ll be in Milton. Studying. I’m a learner! Without the L plates. Ew.

Speaking of L plates, it’s been exactly one year and one week since I passed my driving test. That’s gone quick! And I’m only just starting to get a grip on my road rage… oh dear.

I got more scrapbooking stuff in the mail today (praise the eBay!), and I’m really happy. I got my “Before & After” kit. Hawt. I can’t use it yet, but it will DEFINITELY come in handy. I’ve also decided, that when I get to my goal, and I do this scrapbooking page, that I am going to frame it, and put it on display. Partly to show off, and partly to remind myself that I did it – and not to go back!

By the way, is anyone watching Californication? New show, with David Duchovny, and damn, it’s funny. Quite crude, and so far there’s been lots of nakedness, but it’s so funny! Favourite bit was from the first episode, where his daughter finds a naked woman in his bed, and asks if she’s ok, because she’s bald downstairs…


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