Posted by: k | September 4, 2007

September! Geez.

You will all have to forgive me for being so… blonde, I guess. I was going to say stupid, but blonde is a much more ladylike term for someone who’s just had their (energy-saving) light bulb come to life.

It’s September. I know this, you know this. Do you know what I mean when I say you know something, but then something happens and all of a sudden it slaps you in the face, and you think “oh, shit!” ?

It’s September! I knew this, but I only got the face-slapping sensation a few minutes ago when I opened a Word document. Said document has a macro that updates the date every time you open it. And my “oh, shit!” moment, was when I double clicked and “Tuesday, 4 September 2007” flickered up in front of me.

For Christ’s sake, it’s bloody September! Where has this year gone? I mean, I’ve been with Matt for 18 months, engaged for half that time, been behind this desk for a year… and it all still seems relatively new. But it’s not.

Talk about a slap in the face!

Imagine what I’ll be saying next September, when I have a newer car and have moved out of home.

And this is what I’ll be saying the September after that: “Oh, fuck, I’m getting married!



  1. It’s going so fast… under four months til I head overseas. But I’m glad that I met you & Mel this year, you guys keep me sane!

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