Posted by: k | September 3, 2007

Day 3…


I need a holiday. Anywhere would be nice.

On a random note, I was at the gym tonight, and noticed a poster. They’re starting dance classes next month! I was going to add dancing lessions to “The List”, but I didn’t know if I could go through with it. I think I might though! Two hours every Thursday night – salsa etc. Sounds good! It says you don’t need a partner, which is good, because there is no way Matt would do it. I’m sure someone will want to dance with me! Any takers…?

And now… it is time… for a splash of colour! So far, both bag posts have featured black bags. Not tonight! Tonight, I showcase one of my birthday presents (from last year!).
Matt got me this bag, because it’s purple, and it has Betty Boop on it.

But, this bag has a secret. See, it isn’t really a proper handbag. It’s an insulated cooler bag! Isn’t this just the funkiest lunchbag you have ever seen? Actually, I’ve never used it as a cooler bag, I just chuck all my stuff in it and off I go! It’s waaaay too cute to hold sandwiches.


That word in red up the top? “Unforgettable”

I love this bag!!!



  1. I wouldn’t have picked that as a cooler bag at all! Love the colour, my mum would ADORE it. (She’s crazy about things purple.)

    I’d love to go to dancing classes. 😮

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