Posted by: k | September 3, 2007

Can you count?

I can! Last night I took photos of the rest of my handbags, and I numbered the photos, so I know what bag I’m going to show on what day. Organisation is love. Anyway, I numbered all the photos, and then realised I had a few extra ones. After taking photos of every handbag in sight, I realised that I have 38 bags. Count ’em. Thirty-eight. Five weeks of using a different bag each day, that is. Wow.

By the way, yesterday’s bag was from Kmart, and it cost me $40. I had been looking for a really nice black bag for awhile, and all the bag shops had ugly ones, but they wanted twice as much money! Unbelievable.

As for my shoe-bag,  it was a Christmas present, but it was from Zelows. It was $40 also. They had it in all different colours, blue, orange, pink, and baby poo green. Black is classic though! Remember that it was purchased way back in 2004, though. It’s nearly vintage!

I am slowly getting things crossed off The List. Week 1 of my gym challenge is over, I’m taking PT sessions once a week, I’m saving for my membership renewal, and I am sloooowly getting towards those weight-loss goals.

Tonight, I am going to my very first class at the gym. A spin class. I’m worried! A friend just emailed me and said her (very fit) boyfriend did a spin class on the weekend, and nearly killed himself, so I don’t know how I’m going to go. I guess the important thing is that I’m giving it a go! Nobody else can make my legs move… so they can’t force me to go faster!

I have another college class next week, so that’s another assessment to do. Two days off work – yahoo! Work is frustrating me lately. I think it’s a combination of lack of sleep and my boss being overly demanding. And money. I already know that I’m not on the best wage, but I really thought about it, and added some stuff up, and it’s a bit worse than I thought. I might wait and see how much it goes up on my birthday, but when I finish my traineeship, I could always ask for a payrise… Either that, or start looking for another job. Decisions, decisions!

Am off to have lunch now (blogging at work – naughty!)… and then I’ll see what else I can do to pass the time!

Will be back tonight with bag #3!



  1. Guess who else is blogging at work? 😉

    Two days off work is awesome. We get Friday off as a public holiday this week for the APEC conference, thank goodness. I’m exhausted and it’s only Monday!

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