Posted by: k | September 2, 2007


I think I have an addictive personality.

Just a few days ago I was talking about how eBay has sucked me in, and how I’m suddenly wondering where all my money is gone.

Well, I am still eBaying, folks. For scrapbooking stuff. I love scrapbooking!

I’ve gotten a Creative Memories Bubble Maker for $10 less than retail, as well as a “Before and After” embellishment pack, which I will use when I complete my transformation (7.5kg down, 17.5kg to go!), and few other bits and bobs.
I’ve also ordered some more scrapbooking stuff through a consultant, which shall be arriving soon.

But then one has to sit and ask herself: “Where is all this going to go?”

When one buys scrapbooking items, she doesn’t want them to get damaged. So, one usually has to go out and buy new storage containers for said items.

I spent most of this afternoon trying to organise my stuff. And listening to that damn Britney Spears song that has also sucked me in. The girl’s got a few screws loose (or they were never installed to begin with), but with a lot bit of computer programming, she don’t sound too bad. Anyway.

Then I went looking for – and found – my albums. None of which are finished. Yet.

My engagement album doesn’t need too much more doing to it… I just need to stop being lazy and get the rest of the photos printed.

My formal album (school formal, which was nearly 3 years ago!), also incomplete, is the first album I ever started. Now that I look at it, it looks pretty crappy. I think I’m going to redo it after I finish my engagement album.

Christmas (and my 20th birthday) will have come and gone by then, so then I can scrapbook those as well.

Woo. I’m going to be busy! That’s just scrapbooking.

As you will see during this month, I also have a handbag addiction. It’s actually quite good that I’m taking photos of them all, because quite honestly, I forget what I have. As I was taking photos the other night, I said to Matt: “Oh, this is good. Good photos. Just what I’ll need if I ever decide to sell any of them.”

And Matt, because he knows me so darn well (as anyone’s partner should) simply scoffed and said the following:

“Yeah, because I can really see that happening.”

And you know what? He’s right!

Here is bag #2. This is the one I’ve been using ever since I bought it a couple of months ago. It is quite possibly the best bag I have ever had. It’s very roomy, and you can smuggle just about anything into the movies with it – not that I’ve tried… *wink*
When I bought it, the chick behind the checkout took 5 minutes going through EVERY pocket, and looking at me like I was trying to steal something. I have to be very careful with this bag, because my mum keeps threatening to steal it. See? I have awesome taste.




  1. That looks huge! Love big bags, I’m hopeless with small bags.. They need to have a crapload of space in them, to cart around all the stuff I take with me! 🙂

    Britney.. argh.. *pokes fingers in ears*

    I hear you. I hear you!

  2. That bag IS awesome! I want one too!!! Where did you buy it?

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