Posted by: k | September 1, 2007


Spring has (finally) sprung.

All things spring are coming to life, and it’s fantastic! Fresh, crisp cotton sheets on the bed replace their flannelette counterparts, my favourite jasmine plant in the backyard explodes into a hedge of white flowers… and the parts of the plant that aren’t in flower are covered in tiny pink buds. The sun begins to make its appearance earlier in the day, and along with the dawn, we all realise that summer is on the way. Along with Christmas. Again. Crap. We only just had Christmas! (I wonder what I’ll get this year from Santa. I’ve been VERY good this year.)

I love spring. I adore it. It reminds me of Bambi. Because everyone is supposed to fall in love during the spring, and get all twitter-pated. Spring, the precursor to the wonderful summer that is on its way. I can’t wait!

The best part, as I remembered today, is walking out the back door, and getting a whiff of that wonderful jasmine. There’s hundreds of flowers on it already, that seem to have come out of nowhere. And there’s also hundreds of little buds ready to take on the next shift. I love that plant! It’s very hardy too. It lives at the bottom of our driveway, entwined on the wire fence. Quite a few years ago, all this oil spilled down the driveway (which slopes downhill) and congregated around the base of the plant. And it’s still alive!

Our neighbour hates that plant. She reckons it causes her feral offspring to have asthma attacks. I have asthma, and I have no problem with it at all… tomorrow I think I’ll even pick some flowers off it, and put them in my room in a small vase. I’m taking a cutting of that plant when I move!!! It just embodies everything spring to me. I can’t even remember the flowers starting to open. One day, it was just all green, and now, it’s all flowers.

Ahhh… romance. I’ve just gone through my playlist and found all the sappy love songs to play.

Something else about spring I’ve just realised: In 11 days, Matt and I will have been together for 18 months… and exactly two years after that, is the date we’ve picked for our wedding. A spring wedding! Bliss…

I’m sure you’ll all sick of me turning to goo now, so I shall be back tomorrow with another update, and another handbag!



  1. Sounds like you have lots to look forward to! And Spring is my FAVOURITE season too.. hate the heat, hate the cold cold (and I’m moving to London? Oh my!) but Spring is perfect in between. Yum!

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