Posted by: k | September 1, 2007

Bag month begins!!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that September was going to be my “Handbag Month.” That is, every day I would take a picture of a different handbag I own and post it. Last night, I got on a bit of a roll, and took photos of every handbag that I have in my bedroom. The total? 16. That’s half the month sorted! I know I have more bags somewhere…

 Ok. Are you all ready?

The 1st of the month brings along my most precious handbag. I love it to pieces, although I haven’t used it for a little while. I got for Christmas back in 2004. Every single time I went somewhere with this bag, I was guaranteed a few looks, or even a few comments. I used to work in retail, and whenever there was a new security guard on, I would always be complimented on it. Note that most security guards are blokes, by the way. Having a GUY comment on your handbag = priceless.

My most memorable comment about this bag? “Do you have a pair?” Yes, a bloke said that.

What am I talking about? Here, I have a shoe-bag. The base of the bag is the sole of a stilletto. Frickin’ awesome. Oh, and I put it on my foot once, and it fits…


Isn’t it GORGEOUS? You know you want it…



  1. Ha, I LOVE that! Where did it come from?

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