Posted by: k | August 30, 2007

Taking the first step.

Because the first step is admitting you have a problem.

I am on PayPal now, because I checked my credit card balance today, and compared it with my statement that came  in the mail today.

Forget alcohol, drugs, or sex, I think I might be addicted to eBay.

Because, I kid you not, I have racked up $120 worth of purchases in just 5 days. FIVE DAYS!

And that’s without the other $80 I withdrew to see me through the week, because my pay ran out. Stupid bills.

AND I KEEP LOOKING AT EBAY!!! Make me stop!!!

Considering I have been too security conscious to even LOOK at eBay until last Sunday, and considering I am a wimp and won’t even sign up for phone banking… eep.

And I just hope my tax return arrives in the next 14 or so days, so that I can whack a bit of money off this card.

My eBay addiction is jeopardising “The List”, people. How am I going to halve my credit card debt if I keep spending?!

At least PayPal has verified my savings account now. That should make me calm down a bit with the bidding.

But damn!

Some of this stuff better start arriving in the mail soon. I will make sure I do not buy ANYTHING else until I get all my purchases in the mail.

(Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.)



  1. That’s nothing! I have spent nearly $500 this month – most was furniture though so it’s OK! Next month I have banned myself from purchasing anything except lifes essentials!!

  2. We should start a support group, considering I’ve spent about $150 over the last three nights.

  3. Hi, I’m reading you via the Australian Blogs Community at Bumpzee, on the RSS feed.

    I’m keeping off ebay oooooooo! 😉 I could easily go nuts there.. 😉

    Just dropping by to welcome you to the Australian Blogs Community, and to let you know I have just updated the Australian Blogs Community HTML links list file to include your blog, if you want to put it on your blog you can get a copy of it here – – A to Z – Z to A (The down-under version!)

    The list is updated weekly to include new blogs.

    In case you didn’t know, anytime you post the first 250 characters go out on the RSS feed, so I’ll be reading more from you soon. 🙂 and I’ve updated my sidebar to the new list, so I’m linking to you now. I also mention you on Sunday in my weekly wrap up post. 😉

    Once again, Welcome to the Australian Blogs Community!

    Snoskred –

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