Posted by: k | August 29, 2007

Frustrated? Me? No, not I…

So, I’m at work… feeling disillusioned, and trying not to do anything productive. Well, I’ve done SOME work, but that’s what’s got me feeling disillusioned.

For those not working in the building industry, I’ll have to explain a little bit, so bear with me.

We use a construction program called DataBuild. It does everything. You can use to create jobs, the estimator uses it to create purchase orders and estimate job costs, you can see what stage the houses are up to, and you can use it to enter invoices and pay suppliers. You enter the invoices against the purchase orders, and they balance (provided you’ve been charged the right amount).

Pretty nifty, wouldn’t you say?

Well no, not for a while. The program was riddled with tons of bugs, always crashed when you tried to print something, and was a general pain in the ass. We spent thousands of dollars on it, upgraded it, and set up a system so that we could back up our work.

(Because, imagine our surprise coming in on a Monday morning, and realising over the weekend the entire server crashed and we’d lost TWO WHOLE WEEKS worth of work.)

Now, it runs pretty well… only the slightest hiccup here and there.

In April, as you know, the Dragon Lady started (or as I’ve started referring to her, “the bitch”, “old bag” and “it”.) She hasn’t worked in construction before, hence, had no idea how to use the program. She has no willingness to learn, either, because she started entering some of the entities in MYOB. Fair enough… the smaller companies are easier to keep track of that way.

Now, she’s in charge of the accounts for everything, and she’s decided (and convinced the boss) to put the main business into MYOB. Which has no job control. Which you can’t use to estimate costs. Which you can only use to enter invoices and pay suppliers. Yuh huh.

Fair enough, I hear you say, because won’t that keep the books running more efficiently?

For her, yes. For me, the one who actually ENTERS the invoices? No.


Because now I have to do everything TWICE!!!

I have to enter invoices into the construction program, to keep track of the jobs (which comes in handy when I have to make an insurance claim… but that’s another story), and then I have to re-enter the same invoices into MYOB!

Oh, and by the way, for those interested, it actually takes me more time to enter all the specifics into MYOB… than to just punch in the job number in DataBuild and have everything just come up, then hit the enter button.

But for she upstairs who wields the cheque-writing pen, there’s no problem. Hmmph.

So now, a chore that would take me, oh, maybe 15-20 min, will take at least an hour to do. And that’s if I’m on track and enter all the invoices as they arrive in the mail. Every. Day. If I get behind… then I’m stuffed.

I’m just going to take my time with it, and when the boss demands why a few other things are falling behind, I can just say: “well, it takes me forever to do the invoicing, since I have to do it TWICE, so everything else has to wait.” That will go down very well. I’m also going to have a chat to him about all the work I have to do for his new Irish Community Association. I think the concept, and the Association, is great. What I don’t like, however, is that they can’t hire someone yet to do the administration for it, so my boss comes over about 10 times a day and gets me to do most of the stuff for it (because just about all of it is emailing, and he doesn’t know how to use a computer). So, the work I’m supposed to do for the company (that I’ve been hired to do) is getting pushed aside because I need to do his volunteer work. What’s his priority? I’m not superwoman, unfortunately, and I can’t do ALL the company stuff and the Irish stuff at the same time.

And I have nothing against the Irish. They’re awesome. I actually have Irish blood in me, so don’t tell me I’m anti-Irish.

It’s stressing me out. And I’m not getting paid enough to be doing all this, anyway. But, no point in asking for a pay rise, because it’ll never happen!



  1. Yuck. Just think though … 2 days til the weekend!

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