Posted by: k | August 26, 2007

New hair, new furniture, new cold!


New stuff! Gotta love it…

First of all… I’ve got a cold. Well, I hope it’s just a cold… it’s just my nose giving me trouble at the moment, so I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse. I’ve had to take it easy the past couple of days (no gym) and I feel really lazy and drugged up.
(I think I’m the only person I know who takes Sudafed and then is totally wasted for the whole weekend!)

Secondly, I had my appointment at the hairdressers yesterday, to get my hair recoloured. I was going to keep it red, but then I felt like doing something different. So, I had my regrowth dyed darker (natural blonde, see?), a nice browny colour. I had to wait 35 minutes for that, then had it washed out. Then, I confronted my biggest hairdressing fear, the dreaded STREAKING CAP… and I’m still alive to tell the tale! It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. One, because they’re professionals and know how to get the hair on the hook and out the cap without stabbing your scalp fifty-bazillion times, and two, because my hair is pretty short. Then I had bleach put on. Awesome. I took pics.

The first picture is when I had my hair done red in June, and the second one is from yesterday’s visit. Which one do you prefer?


That’s a new top I’m wearing as well. Flutterbys!

While I had the camera out, I got a little snap-happy. I managed to take photos of myself from just about every angle (yeah, I even got one of the back of my head – how useful!), and then I remembered about my super-swanky floor lamp. It’s a little hard to describe (although I have tried), so I got a picture of that, too! You will also see one of my many frangipani items on the wall, along with our cabinet (which we got for FREE!), my messy unmade bed, and my purple wall. Classy!


No, that’s not the last of the photos, if you’re wondering. One more, I promise! Then I’ll go back to my sneezing fit and leave you in peace.
I’ve had quite a few requests to see my engagement ring… and I finally got a decent picture of it. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried (and failed) to get a good picture.
Anyway, here it is, and please excuse the chipped nail polish:


Ok… that’s it. I’m bored. I’ll be back with more useless stuff later.



  1. I love the blonde — it’s very natural, love it love it. And the bling too, of course. xo

  2. I’d say go with the blond, as it is very chic. I’m biased, though. 🙂

    Hi, by the way. Alyndabear sent me over here.

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