Posted by: k | August 24, 2007

I just beat myself with a stick.

Well, I should have, really, because that’s about the level of pain I inflicted on myself after updating my resume. How painful! I only had a hard copy of it, and it was a year old, and desperately needed updating.

Not only did I have to retype everything, I had to design another layout (I was sick of the old one), and then recap the past year. That’s not so painful, I hear you saying, because how much can change in a year? Well, I changed jobs. Not only did I change jobs, I changed industries. I went from retail to administration. Checkout chick to office bitch, I guess you could say. I also had to update my education side, because I started off doing one course, changed to another, and then got upgraded to a traineeship.

Did I say painful? Yeah.

It is now done. Updated. Completed. Finito.

I am also quite good at talking myself up, if I may say so myself. Err, does that make sense?

Instead of going: “I volunteered for the Salvos, I did this, this and this.” I went:
“Helping the needy in my community by becoming a volunteer improved my confidence and self-esteem, as well as further developed my communication skills. During my time at the Salvation Army, I assisted with the fortnightly market stalls and sausage sizzles. I also sorted and stored donations, put together emergency food parcels, and did relief reception. Sadly, when I commenced full-time work, I was unable to continue my volunteering on a regular basis; however I still like to help out when on holidays. In December 2006 I helped prepare toy and food parcels in the first few days of my Christmas break.”

Does that impress you? I think I might have impressed myself with that… oh dear. I need to get out more.

And in my “interests and activities” section?
“I enjoy activities that inspire me creatively and stretch my imagination. Hobbies of mine include scrapbooking, reading, writing, cooking and photography.”

They don’t need to know that I’m into photography purely so I can have something to scrapbook!



  1. You do have a way with words! 🙂 I always find talking about myself through resumes is really difficult.. I hate coming across as though I’m fabulous, even though that’s what they’re there for!

  2. This is my first visit to your site. I love your header, the words, the design, it’s gorgeous.

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