Posted by: k | August 22, 2007

Money is the root of all EVIL – when you don’t have any

Gah. I cannot believe it. The one week that I don’t have a cent to bless myself with, and my pay is going to be late, thanks to the Dragon Lady being sick and not being in the office to pay wages.

I have two options:
1. Wait until tomorrow when she gets back, and get paid a day late. (Annoying, but preferable)
2. Take a cheque that the boss is offering, which will probably take a few days to clear, and more than likely stay broke all weekend. (Ahh… did I mention that I’m totally broke?)



This is bad. If I hadn’t paid for the 12 week challenge (and lent $100 off Matt), I would have had $100 spare.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be given a cheque, in which case, I’m going to need to ask for 2 cheques, so I can still bank the regular amount into the joint account.

And then wait for like, 5 days until it clears. And have no money, at all. No paying board, no hairdressers (sniff), and oh shit, I really don’t want to live off my credit card.

Murphy’s Fucking Law.

(Please excuse the language. Considering every second word running through my head at the moment is a curse word, I’m not doing too bad with the typing.)

Le sigh.

I guess I can wait and see what happens.

 Edit: One of the subcontractors rang up and said he hasn’t been paid, either. We checked the system and she’d entered his invoices, but not paid them! GAH!
And crisis averted for me – the boss wrote me a cheque and made it out to cash – so I will have money! WOO!


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