Posted by: k | August 21, 2007

Still Raining.

Yup. Still raining. Is fantastic for the dams. Last night they said we’ve got an extra 5 days worth of water. Very nice. It’s raining heavier today. And good news from yesterday, the Chux did better than I thought. Granted, it wasn’t raining that hard, and my seatbelt was still wet, but it didn’t have water running down it when I pulled it out, which is what usually happens. I went and got myself a $2 handtowel, and that’s currently crammed in position. Hopefully that’ll hold up a bit better!

Note to self: Really need to clean inside of car. Is filthy. And that 10c coin is mocking you.
Another note to self: Until you carry out the above exercise, it’s probably advisable that you don’t berate Matt for his dirty car. Hello, hypocrite. Try not to cringe at the dust on his dashboard, either.

So. I am bored. Again. Hello monotony. The boss is out, and I really don’t have a lot to do. But the stuff I do need to get done, is horrible and boring, and generally crappy. Hence, I am blogging. Again. I am lazy and do not want to get up from my new comfy desk chair.

(NB. The chair isn’t new, I just swapped it over. The chair I had promoted slouching. Which I did often. Yesterday, I went up to Alethea’s old computer to check her emails, sat down in her old chair, and voila, posture crisis averted. Imagine me lugging a chair up a big flight of stairs, if you will, and then dragging the other chair down the stairs.)

I need to clean my desk… again. There are stray post-it notes everywhere, business cards, water bottles etc.

Oh, right. I remember what I originally was going to blog about. Matt’s pool table. Uh huh. He bought a pool table. I don’t know where it’s going to go, but he’s picking it up today. In its box. It better stay in its box, too. There is no room for it. And when we move out, and it is assembled, I am officially confiscating one of the cues. For personal use. Maybe I can poke him with it when he won’t stop playing and help me clean the house. I have a feeling that scenario will play out. Numerous times. But, maybe I can practise when he’s not around, and then I can kick his ass. Because I’m competitive like that.

After I realised he was really getting the table, I said (half-jokingly) “ah, well since you’ve spent $300 on yourself, you can buy me stuff to the same value.”
I got tickled for that. Although, he thought I was serious and asked me what I’d like.
I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last Wednesday Matt bought me a super-swanky floor lamp. It has a glass shelf and everything! It arrived yesterday, so Matt put it together last night. Is very cool. Must take pics. Pretty lamp!

I want a suprise… how, odd. I would like to be suprised. Not a bad suprise, a good surprise, like Matt bringing me home some flowers or something. Something romantic, because I’m hopeless like that.

SURPRISE ME, DAMNIT! (Ok, that was a little excessive, but you get the point.)



  1. Oh I know what you mean about surprises. The only time Jase has ever surprised me was with my latest birthday present, the ring. As for before that, I can’t think of anything. In five years! Is just sad.

    Pool is awesome. I still can’t play for crap, but I know you’ll have a ball.

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