Posted by: k | August 20, 2007

It’s Official (again): Mondays SUCK!

Oh, how Mondays totally suck. Draining all the joy out of you after the weekend…

I never used to mind them, actually. Even at school, I didn’t mind them. Then again, I actually used to like going to school (most days). So I guess I’m a freak. Nothing new to report there, then.

I didn’t mind Mondays when I was working part-time, either. Probably because I only worked a 5 hour shift, and it didn’t start until the late afternoon. I could still sleep in.

But now, since I have made the career change from checkout chick, to, err, receptionist chic, I hate Mondays. I hate them to the point that I start dreading them on Saturday. Sad, I know.

First thing this morning, I had to send off a few emails for my boss. This would not be so bad, if he didn’t pull up a chair and lean over my shoulder. He must eat a lot of raw fish/salmon/tuna or something, because that’s all I can ever smell when he’s around. What I don’t understand is how his wife doesn’t mention it to him? Yikes.

It’s a tad weird with Alethea not being here. At the moment it just feels like she’s having a day off, except all her emails are being redirected to me. It’ll become painfully obvious by about Wednesday, I think.

Oh, and already the Dragon Lady’s had to ask me about some stuff she doesn’t know. And I saw some paperwork on her desk regarding DataBuild training. That must suck… being in a position of power like that and knowing the receptionist knows more about your job than you do. Ah well.

Uh oh. I feel a little twinge in my throat. Let this not be anything horrible. Not with this 12 Week Challenge starting. Nope. Must. Not. Get. Sick.

Did I mention that? I’m taking part in the 12 Week Challenge at my gym. Yikes. Did I also mention that I’m now shitting myself? No? Well, I am. But I know I can do it. I’m going to work my ass off (because hey, that’s the whole point to it, work it off, literally!) and do really well. For full details, see “The List”. After I’ve added the challenge details. I haven’t done that yet. My bad.

Speaking of “The List”, if you have a look at it, I’ve updated it. A couple of things are crossed out, and a couple of things are underway. Very nice. I like crossing things off lists. Even though I don’t usually make lists. Hmm.

I. Am. Bored.

And it seems, when you’re bored, you’re allowed to give each word its very own sentence. Tre cool.

Only an hour to go, and then I can drive home in the rain.

I like rain, but I don’t. I don’t like having to drive in it. It makes me antsy. Which is understandable, considering I’ve driven in the rain maybe half a dozen times since I got my licence. That’s the drought for ya. I also don’t like it because my car has a leak, and water gets in. And not just in any old spot, either. It gets in under the seal of the rear window on the drivers side (which is fixed, because my car doesn’t have rear doors) and it drips right into the seatbelt part on the side. On the drivers side. So, when it rains, water gets in the car, drips all over the seatbelt, and then I have to drive around with a soaking wet seatbelt. Awesome. It’s also very fashionable, because I exit the car with with a wet seatbelt stripe across whatever I’m wearing at the time. Easily averted with a towel, but today, all I had in the car was a Chux. So when I got to work, I dug out the Chux and tried to form a little barrier to stop the rain dripping into the seatbelt holder.
About 3 hours later, I realised, hey, a Chux is a cleaning device. It soaks up water, yes, but it doesn’t take a lot of water to hit a Chux before it starts dripping again. A sponge it ain’t. So in an hour, I’m going to get into my car, and see just how effective the Chux was. Not very, I’m guessing. I’ll be stopping off at a cheapie store on the way home and getting a small handtowel or facewasher or something.

By the way, yes, I’ve tried about half a dozen times (read: after every time it rains) to fix the leak. But we just aren’t finding the spot. Stupid leak. (Picture Homer Simpson choking something here.)

Speaking of Homer, how funny is that Hungry Jacks ad? Where he stabs himself in the eye with the microphone trying to get to the burger. Also reminds me of the episode where Homer clones himself, then dumps the clones. Then the clones clone themselves, and yeah. Lots of stupid Homers. Then they follow the big donuts over the cliff.

Oh dear. I really am bored. Better get back to work then.



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