Posted by: k | August 19, 2007

The past few months – in retrospect.

Well, 2007 seems to be a year of firsts for me. I’ve done some things that I thought I would never do, and also things that I never even imagined…

Some of these are: Joining a gym (something I swore I’d never do), taking personal training sessions (I’ve got 14 coming up in the next 12 weeks), actually watching what goes in my mouth and counting the calories (something else I swore I’d never do), and so on. Notice how all that’s health related? Yeah. I’m sick of being unfit, unhealthy, and just plain fat. Oh, by the way, in 7 months, I lost 7kg, and took 7cm of fat off myself. How’s that for lucky 7’s?

Oh, and in June I got sick of being a blonde, so I went red. Copper. Very nice. I’m getting the colour touched up again next weekend, so I’ll post pics. They should look okay, considering my jawline is starting to show itself. Woohoo!

I’ve also arranged and had my own engagement party (and started a scrapbook on it), opened a joint account and am saving money (wow, never done that before!), insured my car, paid 12 months registration, completed half of my traineeship, bought some furniture, ate at Sizzler and Hog’s Breath (Yep, 19 and a half years on this earth and I’d never been to Sizzler), and have sat through quite a few blood & guts movies.

By the way, if you haven’t seen The Departed – do it. I loved it. I loved it even though Leo DiCaprio’s in it. That’s saying something. And as for Jack Nicholson, well, he’s an awesome bad guy. Watch it!

Yep, I’ve been busy!


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