Posted by: k | August 16, 2007

Work is fun!

After yesterday, I hate my job. And it had nothing to do with the Dragon Lady, if you would believe that. My boss pretty much went psycho at me for something I had permission to do. Yeah. How does that work?

Well, I’m in the middle of a traineeship. I’m studying a Certificate IV in Business Administration. Which my boss is paying for. When I got really sick a few weeks ago, I couldn’t work on my assessments. (You try studying with a migraine that just won’t go away…) So now, I have overdue assessments. My trainer is coming out tomorrow afternoon to check how I’m going, and I wanted to have all my assessments ready to give to him. I had 4 assessments. I got 2 done, and I was hoping to get the other 2 done by tomorrow. Well, I didn’t really have much to do, but I had my college stuff with me, so I asked Elysha (the office manager) if it was ok if I did a little bit of work on them, and she said it was fine. Two minutes after I opened the workbook, my boss comes over and asks if it’s homework… to which I said yes. He then went beserk, saying things like “I don’t pay you to do that here” and “don’t you have anything better to do” and “do that at home, not here” a lot of other nasties, before he stormed off.

So I packed it away. Then he comes back and demands to see the insurance claims. It’s part of my job to file insurance claims whenever a house gets broken into. He then went on to accuse me of not working on it (I sent off 4 claims while he was overseas) and then when I said I had worked on it, he demanded to see the evidence. Now he’s decided to implement a new system (he’s always coming up with “systems”, they never work) where I get checked up on once a week to make sure I’m doing it. Yeah. Okay. Sure. And… I had to do up a list of everything that’s been claimed so far this year, and all the claims that haven’t been sent off yet. There’s 8 claims I haven’t done yet, but I’ve been collecting the invoices so I can do a bunch at a time. Of course, the boss didn’t like that there were some outstanding claims, so he went off again.

Not bad for a guy who’s just come back from a 3 week overseas holiday.




  1. Bah! Evil boss. You need a change of pace, as soon as the course/internship thingy is over.

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