Posted by: k | August 14, 2007

I have returned!

Woo. I’ve been neglecting this. Funny that, I’ve actually been busy with life… instead of sitting in front of a computer like I always used to.

All my muscles are sore and I’m incredibly tired after my walk through Karawatha yesterday. I still can’t believe I walked for two and a half hours straight. I’m proud of myself, because I didn’t even want to go in the first place. So yay me! I’ve got my stuff packed in case I decide to go to the gym this afternoon, but at this point, I don’t think I’ll be going.

 Work is… well, work. My boss is back today after his 3-week absence, and over the next few days I’ll be learning how to pay all the suppliers until the new person starts. I’m still a little miffed that I won’t be considered for a promotion, but I guess my boss thinks that 19 is too young to be keeping the books for a multi-million dollar company. What do you think? The irony of it is, I learn how to do the payments, I do them until the new accounts person starts, and then I’ll have to teach the new person. (Who, by the way, will be earning twice the amount that I currently am.)

At least it’ll look good on my resume, hey? “Interim Accounts Payable – processed payments for suppliers while boss looked for new employee to take over the role.” Yeah, sounds good.

I’m slowly coming to accept the fact that I’m going to need a new car before Matt and I move out into the big bad world. My car has been very good to me, but I just know that if I don’t replace it before we move, it’ll die on me. Murphy’s Law. Matt’s looking at cars for me, he wants me to get a Corolla, but they hold their value, and I’d like something a little newer than what I’ve already got. I’ve heard that Daewoos are pretty good, and I like the Lanos’. You can get a 97-99 model Daewoo Lanos for $5K. Sounds good to me! Pity I don’t have $5,000 just laying around, ya know? I know I’d get approved for finance, but I really don’t want to take out a car loan, especially since Matt has one of his own already, with 3 years left on it. At least our joint account’s starting to look healthy!

Speaking of Murphy’s Law… oh, this is a doozy. Two weekends ago, Matt & I rearranged our bedroom, in an attempt to gain a little more space. A week later, my mobile needed recharging. Do you think I could find my charger? No way. I normally keep it out in the lounge on the shelf above the fish tank, because sometimes I take my charger to work. Not there. I looked all over the bedroom, in all the obvious places. Not there. I even drove to the office on Saturday to see if I’d left it behind. Which I hadn’t. Sunday, my mobile died. Fantastic. Still can’t find the charger. I ended up downgrading. I put my sim card into my old phone (which is now my mum’s) and I used that for a week, while still looking for the charger for my new phone. No. Luck. Whatsoever.
Two days ago, I finally bit the bullet, and went and bought a replacement charger. It cost me $29.50. Money I could’ve spent on something else, quite frankly. And I kid you not, within 30 minutes of returning home with my new charger, and plugging my phone in, Matt found my original charger! To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. See? Murphy’s Law. So, what I’ve done, is brought the extra charger into work, and I’ll keep it in my desk drawer. That way, I won’t need to lug the one charger around…

So, I guess I’m bored with my blog (already!). I wanted to get a new theme, something that’s not already on offer to everybody. I found a really nice one, went to copy the code, and damn, you have to pay to use your own themes. Oh, but it’s only $0.08 per day… $29.20 per year, and what’s the bet that’s USD? Ah well, I’ll stay bored with the theme.

On another front that I don’t really talk about openly (only on my weight loss blog), I’ve hit the 15lb loss mark! That’s 6.9kg lost since January. Very nice. I look like I’ve lost a lot more, because I’ve toned up a heck of a lot. So I’ve lost a lot of fat, but gained a fair bit of muscle… so the scale isn’t totally accurate at the moment. Hopefully soon I’ll be finished toning and the number on the scale will start plummeting. Slow and steady wins the race…and so far, I’m winning!

 I think that’s all the important stuff for now… I will try and keep on top of updating.. I promise! 

Edit: The boss found out that I was going to be in charge of paying the suppliers and had a fit, he’s now said that he just wants me to do what I normally do. Oh well… the dragon lady got her way again!


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