Posted by: k | August 3, 2007

Topsy Turvy, Upside Down

One of the girls at work, Alethea, quit today. Our accounts manager, to be exact.

At the end of April, our boss hired another lady to run the accounts for the other entities (we have about 5 separate businesses), and since then, Alethea’s been getting treated like shit, both by the boss, and by the new lady. Nobody likes the new lady, by the way.

So she’s found a job with another building company on the Gold Coast, doing accounts, and reception, and she’ll be getting more money, too. Good on her. And good on her for quitting while the boss in on holiday. Great move! She finishes on the 17th, in two weeks time.

What’s going to be interesting now, is finding someone else. There’s only 6 people in the office on a full day, so this is obviously going to throw the dynamic out again (after we just started getting used to “the dragon lady”, as our accountant refers to her). And then we need to find someone who’s competent in DataBuild, which is the program we use for everything, creating jobs, estimating costs, and the accounting. I can see three outcomes from this, two of which are more likely than the other: the “dragon lady” could take over everything, which I’m sure is what she wants, they can hire someone else to fill the position, or they could promote me and get a new receptionist. I’m not holding out hope for a promotion. Heck, it’d be great though, more money, and I already know how to use the program, so it would save the painful process of teaching someone else. I enter all the invoices as it is anyway, I just don’t pay them.

I have a feeling that the “dragon lady” is going to triumph here.

It’s a bit of a bummer that Alethea’s leaving, because I consider her to be a good friend. But hey, if I were in her position, I wouldn’t be hanging around either. I get fed up here too, but since I’m getting a free traineeship out of it, it doesn’t seem as bad, you know? Plus I don’t quite have the experience up to get another job. I was lucky that I got this one with no experience at all.

I reckon Elysha will quit soon, too. And then I’ll have nobody!

In a nutshell, this place is about to go to shit. Big. Time.

PS. This is really ironic, because the other day I was thinking about what would happen if someone quit. Well, we’re about to find out, folks!



  1. So how are things at work at the moment?

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