Posted by: k | July 26, 2007

Feed Me!!!

Due to a certain idiot at work looking over my shoulder constantly (no, he’s not even in a position of authority) I’ve resorted to secretly typing blog entries in Word, and then quickly logging on and posting them when nobody’s looking. I can’t believe it has come to this. Insanity!

Anyway, there’s a scrapbooking night on tomorrow, which I was looking forward to going to… but I’m not going. One, because I have to be in the mood to scrapbook. I’m not one that can go “right, this page needs going, I’ll just put down the toilet brush and away we go.” Nope. I have to be in the mood to do it, otherwise I just sit there and stare at the photos, and the paper, and the embellishments, and get frustrated because I can’t come up with a good layout for them. Two, well, I’m a bit short of cash this week. Which is understandable, because I just paid $250 (sniff) off my credit card, and I pay my share of the rent this week, and I’m trying to save for heaps of stuff… so, hobby has to wait.

I finally had a decent nights sleep last night. I still woke up a couple of times, but that’s because Matt was being a bed hog and had me squished up against the wall. And since I was facing the wall, I didn’t have enough room to roll over and give him a shove. Hmmph. And he calls me a blanket hog. I’d rather be a blanket hog than a mattress hog! Meanie…

Ergh… work is so boring today. Just lots of filing, and faxing, and invoicing. Blech.

I am so damn hungry today! I was tempted to get stuck into my lunch about 10am, but I resisted… hopefully I get my lunch before 1pm though, because I am really hungry. I’m not just saying it either… I’m actually ravenous. Even though I ate my breakfast, and my snack. Ah well.

I’m contemplating making “The List” into a separate page instead of a post, that way I can access it easier (and so can you!) and I can keep track of it. Which I’ll do after I enter this post, more than likely.

I wanna write more, but this hunger is consuming me. Make it stop! Make it stoooooop!



  1. Hope the hunger goes away.. yummy sketti! 😉

    I made “The List” into a page, so I could get to it and edit it quicker… rather than have to search for it.

    Glad to hear the mattress is settling in.. now to take care of yer man hogging it!

    My mum is a mad scrapbooker – but I can’t do it unless I’m in the mood.

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