Posted by: k | July 25, 2007

Things I Am Doing Instead Of Working

  • Looking at my title – With Everything Starting In A Capital Letter – and thinking about how stupid it looks.
  • Blogging (obviously)
  • Reading other blogs
  • Getting caught blogging & reading other blogs
  • Yawning
  • Contemplating sleep
  • Thinking about how heavy my limbs are currently feeling
  • Listening to the radio a little too intently
  • Attempting to start conversations with people on MSN Messenger
  • Downloading podcasts for my running program
  • Wondering if I’m ever going to start the running program
  • Getting up and walking around the office sporadically
  • Stretching (and making sure nobody sees my unshaven armpits)
  • Adding ‘shave armpits’ to tonight’s to-do list
  • Wondering what else is on the to-do list for tonight
  • Knowing that this list could go on FOR ETERNITY if I don’t stop now

Yeah, that’s about it. I just don’t want to work… I’ve only got an hour left.



  1. Add me! ali_bear_84 @ hotmail for MSN. 😛

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