Posted by: k | July 24, 2007

So many men… so little time (don’t tell Matt!)

Ok, I’m falling in love all over again (Not with Matt, so don’t tell him!).

No, although I love my Matt to bits and pieces, this is music I am talking about.

And folks, I’ve fallen for Ben Lee again.

Raise your hand if you remember 2005’s ‘Catch My Disease’. Oohh yes, that song was gold. I’m sure it annoyed the shit out of people after awhile, but not me. I loved it.
“So pleeeeease, baby pleaaaaasssee, come ooooooon, catch my diseaaasee”
Catch it I did. Very muchly. Then he released ‘Into the Dark’. Yeah, that was ok, but not a patch on ‘Catch my Disease’. And then there was ‘We’re all in this together’ which the Salvation Army now fittingly uses in their ads.

Anyway, in 2006, Ben & I parted ways, and I fell for James Blunt. Hehe.. I love James Blunt. I got his limited edition double cd with the concert dvd, and man… blow a girl away, James! What a voice. My favourite James Blunt song is “High”, by the way. Number 1 on the album, as it should be.
“Beautiful dawn… lights up the shore again. There is nothing else in the world… I’d rather wake up and see… with you”

Le sigh.

But… Ben is back. He’s released another ripper. I heard it for the first time time in the gym, and I thought “hey… I know that voice.” And sure enough, it was Ben. Singing “Love me like the world is ending”.

And how could I say no to that?

Just a couple of years ago, I was into all that emo shit. I denied it was emo, but it was. You know, how they pretend to sing, but they’re really just bitching about how horrible their lives are. Yuck.

Now, I’m quite happy listening to all the sappy stuff. The stuff where people sing about happy things, to a happy melody, and all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine drifting along somewhere in paradise. Yeah, that’s me. I like the sappy stuff now.

Guess that happens when a girl falls in love, huh?

I’m thinking about making a couple of mixed cds and bringing them into work. That’d be selfish though, because the radio is next to my desk… and everyone hears it. Hmm.. should they bring their own music, perhaps? They had a sook last time I brought stuff in.

Oh, the worries of life.

On another note, my boss just left. THREE WEEKS OF FREEDOM! PARTY!!!
Thank God, because seriously, if I had to put up with salmon breath for another minute, I would have lost my lunch all over my keyboard.



  1. I’ll admit it, I am in love with Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy & 30 Seconds to Mars – but only when I’m running! It’s mellow stuff for me the rest of the time. 😛

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