Posted by: k | July 23, 2007

A day and a quarter to go…

And then my boss is gone! GONE! For 3 whole glorious weeks!

I have never been so happy for someone else to take a holiday! Truth is, he’s driving me batty. He’s driving everyone batty. I think we’re going to have a party!

Anyhoo. I have stuff to do, which I’ve been successfully avoiding, and now that I’ve decided to actually do something, the boss comes over and makes me drop everything to organise stuff for his meeting tonight. Yup.

Just imagine the Simpsons’ episode where Bart gets his clown bed, and he spends all night curled up in a ball, rocking, saying “can’t sleep… clown’ll eat me… can’t sleep… clown’ll eat me…”
Now, subsitute the bed for a desk, Bart for me, and “can’t sleep… clown’ll eat me”.. for “day and a quarter.. day and a quarter.. day and a quarter..” and you’ve got an accurate picture of yours truly at the moment.

He is driving me INSANE! And hey, I know I dance on the line on occasion, but he’s pushing me to the edge!

I think I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon quoting Shrek lines.

“Ogres, are, like onions.” – Shrek
“Oh, cuz they stink?” – Donkey
“Yes. NO!”
“Because they make you cry?”
“NO! Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Get it? WE BOTH HAVE LAYERS!”
“Ohhhhhh, you both have laayyyyers…”

Yes I typed all that off the top of my head. I can imagine the scene and the voices as well. Told you I was being driven to the edge…

“I’m a donkey on the edge!!!”


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