Posted by: k | July 20, 2007


Yay! It’s Friday! Woo!

Unfortunately, today’s going to be haphazard, whacked out, clumsy sort of day. Third sentence and I’ve already had to use the spellchecker…

Le sigh.

So why is today going to haphazard, whacked out and clumsy? I slept in… 45 minutes late. Yep, 45 minutes. And I’m SO tired.

Anyway, I want to blog about my realisation last night. I ran into an old friend, and she told me that she’s pregnant… let me elaborate.

Ok. I’m turning 20 in December, and most of my school buddies were born in the same year as me, so if they’re not 20 yet, they will be shortly.

Most of the girls I knew in highschool are now either pregnant, have kids already, or are married. Excuse me?!

What happened to finishing school and travelling around the world? I can tell you right now off the top of my head that 4 girls in my year level (as far as I know) are already married. Two of those have kids. I can think of another 2 or 3 the year level above me who are married. With kids. These are 20 and 21 year olds we’re talking about here. Isn’t that insane? I can also tell you that I know of at least 7 girls who’ve had babies (or are currently pregnant), and 1 fell pregnant and had an abortion.

Ok, yes, I know, I’m engaged. But I got engaged on the proviso that I wouldn’t be running down the aisle straightaway, popping babies out as I went. Actually, if we stick with the wedding date that we picked, I’ll be nearly 22 when I get married. As far as I’m concerned, that’s still really young to be getting married.

I just… I’ve known that girls have been falling pregnant all over the place, but it wasn’t until I saw that old friend last night that I actually sat down and thought about it.

I spoke to the girls at work about it. Alethea (who’s 4 years older than me) said that only two people from her year level are married, her best friend being one of them. Elysha (who’s 7 years older than me) said all her school friends are only just now starting to have kids.

It’s just weird. I think it’s weird.

And last night I got asked about my wedding date with a glance at my midsection.

I am NOT pregnant, and I won’t be pregnant for quite awhile. Years, in fact. I’m not ready for that! I know I’m not, and I’m taking the necessary measures to make sure I don’t fall pregnant.

What amazes me, is that all these girls weren’t trying to fall pregnant. All of them were accidental pregnancies.

GAH! This annoys me. There are so many different types of birth control out there, that there is no excuse to get preggers and go “it was an accident”. Condoms, the pill, depo-provera, implanon, IUDs, the list goes on and on. I just don’t get it. If you don’t want to fall pregnant, there’s heaps of stuff out there to make sure you don’t.

Take me for example. I like “practising” as much as the next person, but I’ve never done it unprotected. And I never could unless I was trying for a baby, because I’d freak out too much. Hell, I was freaking out when I was on the Pill.

Eh, I’m ranting too much. I just think that if you don’t want to get pregnant, you’ve got options. It’s not like it’s the 1960’s and only married women can get the Pill. I was on the pill at 15 (and no, it wasn’t because I was doing the deed).

At least when they fall pregnant they take responsibility for it and raise the baby. I’ll give them that.


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