Posted by: k | July 18, 2007

Boing… boing… boing…

No, I’m not up to anything naughty… I’m giving you a hint as to what the post’s going to be about, silly!

Matt went and bought us a mattress. Which, I’ll admit, we’ve needed for a long time. But, he did it without me, and he forked out $875 for it. Well, his credit card forked out $875. Hey, I’m glad that we’re getting a new mattress. I’m not glad, however, that he just went out and picked one without me (so I have no idea what to expect, whether it’s good for my back or not etc), and then gives me the receipt and goes “guess what?”

Also, $875 is a lot of flippin’ money. For a mattress. To sleep on.

We don’t even have $875 in our joint account at the moment. Hmm. For someone who wants to move out with me so desperately, I would have thought some of that money would have been better off sitting in our account, to go towards bond, bills, moving costs etc.

I dunno. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Tuesday when it gets delivered. It better be worth its money. Ack.

And you know what he said?
“Now you can’t say I don’t buy anything for the house.”

Oh, honey. Knock yourself out. Buy me those blue salt & pepper shakers, towels, ornaments, whatever. Just… next time you feel the need to buy a big ticket item all on your own, wait for me, will ya? It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that we’re in this together. I don’t buy stuff (often) without you, and when I do, it’s the boring stuff us women think about, like towels, toilet brushes, etc.

If you even think about buying a fridge or anything without me, I’m gonna kick your ass (and you’ll probably enjoy it)!



  1. Boys are hopeless! (But I do hope the mattress is a good one for you) – I’m fussy with mattresses, and pillows, so I’d be cranky too. 😛

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