Posted by: k | July 16, 2007


I’m trying to cut back on how much I swear, because it’s a disgusting habit.

But, I fucking hate my job today. Seriously. This is ridiculous.

I’m torn between banging my head on the desk or crawling under it and hiding.

The estimator (the one who can’t spell “pages”) has decided that he’s going to check up on me twice a week to make sure I’m doing the insurance claims. Well, I haven’t done any insurance claims in 4 months because I’ve been too busy with everything else that I have to do. Whenever I go “right, I’m going to do some claims today” everybody gives me more shit to do, and it just doesn’t happen. And that is what has happened over the past 4 months. So today is a mad dash to get at least one claim sent off because otherwise he’s going to be a real asshole tomorrow.

By the way, this is how an insurance claim works:
– house gets broken into, and all the kitchen appliances (rangehood, oven, stovetop) are gone. So there’s broken windows, and missing appliances.
– supervisor contacts police, who give him a crime number, and he passes the number on to us. Sometimes I have to ring and get the crime number myself.
– then I need to get all the invoices together, so in this case, I would need the invoice from the people who fixed the window. I’d also need the invoice for the first lot of kitchen appliances (the ones that were stolen), and the invoice for the replacement appliances.
– keep in mind that there’s often heaps of things that are damaged or stolen, so you have to do this for each individual thing, ok?
– right, so then I need to fill out the claim form, and figure out how much we’re going to claim, and how much we’re going to get back. We get chared $200 excess, plus we can’t claim the GST.
– then I fax it all off, and hopefully a week or so later we get a cheque in the mail.

That doesn’t sound too daunting, does it? Try doing it while the phone’s ringing off the hook, you have your boss breathing down your neck wanting you to write all his emails, plus having to enter all the invoices that arrive, and also get all the filing done.

Doesn’t sound too good, does it?

Also, I have to deal with electricity today. I also am responsible for connecting and disconnecting power to all the houses. Well, thanks to the stupid fucking Queensland government (thank you, Mr Beattie, asshole), the electricity sector is now deregulated. Know what that means? Instead of having one electricity supplier, there’s now 20. If you need to connect something, you need to ring the company you want, get your company back in the system, apply for the connection, and then wait for 3 weeks. Yah. Three whole weeks. Before the deregulation, I just had to jump on the website, fill out the details, and it would be done within 48 hours. So that’s something else I have to do today.

So now you know why I hate my job today. And why everyone’s spelling is REALLY pissing me off.



  1. Your job sounds stressful.. and I hate people breathing down my neck. That’s the good thing about teaching, for the MOST part, it’s just you and the kidlets.

    Bad grammar annoys me too!

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