Posted by: k | July 14, 2007


My neighbour passed away today.

The people across the road came over and let us know. Apparently they had been trying to call him, but he wasn’t answering his phone. They saw the car in the driveway, and the dog, and one of them managed to get into the house, and found him dead on the floor. They called 000, and that’s when the two ambulances arrived… they got a pulse going, and took him to the hospital, but he passed away a couple of hours ago.

His dog was howling all night. Dogs aren’t stupid. They know when something’s wrong… now we’re wondering what’s going to happen to her. The people across the road are feeding her at the moment, and they’re trying to get a hold of the only friend our neighbour had…

It’s just sad… the guy was a cantankerous, stubborn old bastard, which is why he didn’t have anyone. Now he’s got nobody to bury him.

Is my eye still twitching? No.



  1. Oh no… his poor puppy. 😦

    And your eyeball twitching is starting to freak me out!

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