Posted by: k | July 12, 2007

Would you believe it…

My eye’s twiching again. This time I think it’s twitching in my neighbour’s direction.

I’m not being nasty, our neighbour’s practically been dying since he moved in next door. He’s very frail, in his 70’s, smokes about 60 cigs a day (with only half a lung!!!) and yeah. Not good.

Lately, his dog’s been getting out. He has a cattle dog, and she’s… huge. She’s overfed and so fat to the point that she can’t walk properly. So, lately she’s been getting out, and coming over to our house and laying in our driveway. How my little dog doesn’t try and jump the fence to get at her, I don’t know. The other day she was laying in the driveway, so Dad got her moving and took her back next door. He reckons the guy’s on death’s door now. He was thin before, rail thin, but now Dad reckon’s he’s just skin and bones, and quieter. Dad also fixed the gate for him, so the dog shouldn’t get out again. It’s sad, because he’s got nobody, his wife left him a few years ago, and as far as I know he’s got no family.

I really hate this eye twitch. I’m superstitious anyway, but now I feel, totally freaked out.



  1. EEEP.

    Your eye is scaring me!

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