Posted by: k | July 12, 2007

Trying to expand…

I’m buying a new computer desk today (read: I gave dad the money to go get it for me, since I’m at work) in an attempt to get some more space in the little bedroom I’ve got. I’ve already got a desk, but it’s pretty big and bulky, and the new one I’m getting is a corner desk, so hopefully once it’s in, I’ll have a little more space to move around.

It’s funny, the room didn’t seem that small when I had it all to myself, and now I’m sharing it, and there’s like, wall to wall wardrobes everywhere and a double bed smooshed up against a wall in the corner, and yeah. A girl needs her space!

Matt and I are continuing to save $$ to move out, but the good thing is, we’ve got most of our furniture already, except for the big stuff. Our kitchen’s set up, we’ve got a dining setting, a wardrobe, kitchen appliances like toaster, kettle, electric frypan etc, i just scored a near new bagless vacuum cleaner for $10… I also bought a really nice kitchen dresser a few months ago, I saw it in a second hand shop and couldn’t help myself. It needs sanding back, and I’m going to limewash it. It’s awesome. Basically, all we really need is a fridge, freezer, washing machine and lounge suite. Oh, and a place to put it all in. I want some more towels and stuff too, because I know you can never have enough towels!

Basically, as the time draws nearer to move out, I’m going to start looking at all the second hand stores to see what’s around. I’ve already decided that I won’t buy a second hand lounge suite. That’s one thing I want that has to be new. Seriously, you don’t know what people get up to on couches, and spill and stuff… Well… I might know once I buy one.. lol.



  1. Yeah – that’s so true. You can get awesome lounges from stores like Fantastic/Payless that aren’t that expensive but still look pretty damned hot. 😀

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