Posted by: k | July 11, 2007

Headaches are baaaack…

I have a headache. Again. I’m a bit sick of headaches, since I had the same one for like a month. Oh well. I’m heading back to the doctors this afternoon, so I’ll ask about that as well. Eh.

I have a lot of invoices to enter, which my boss had a bit of a jibe at me about, but he doesn’t realise that whenever I go to enter them, he decides he has something urgent for me to do, and makes me drop everything and attend to his whim. He’s also gone on another power trip and told me he doesn’t like me ordering the stationery without consulting people (hello, I ask everyone what they need before I place the order) and now everything I do has to be authorised. I was already asking permission to order everything. Le sigh. Oh, and I’m not allowed to order coffee or toilet paper through the stationery shop either. Which is really inconvenient, because they deliver, and yeah, I don’t have to go out to get it. Apparently now I have to get a cheque and go down to the supermarket. STUPID!!! So I can’t order coffee or toilet paper, which means I won’t be able to order teabags or sugar either. Well, this is going to make everyone happy when everything runs out and I have to dash off to the supermarket. How crap.

Next topic.

The more time passes, the more I realise that I really want to move out. I just, I need space! I’m sick of living in a box, and being in everyone’s way. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s necessary! These living arrangements are repetitive!

Just, crap, really.

I’m not that exciting today.

My job isn’t exciting today. In fact, it’s quite frustrating.

Ah well. I can leave in 2 hours!


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