Posted by: k | July 10, 2007

Oh dear…

Matt was filling me in on the daily antics of the people he works with (who aren’t very nice people). A few months ago, the branch bought another ute, a Holden Rodeo Diesel (fellow Aussies will know just how craptastic Rodeos are. Seriously, a 4-cylinder ute designed to carry heavy loads? No wonder they die so quick!). Anyway, the branch now has 3 utes, two petrol Rodeos, one for the manager, one for the assistant manager (which gets used on deliveries) and now a new diesel ute.

Yesterday, Matt was doing deliveries in the new ute, but didn’t fill up the tank afterwards like he normally does. He just took the ute back to work, and one of the other staff members was to take it home. The guy that was taking it home realised it needed fuel, so he stopped at a servo, and filled up. It wasn’t until he finished filling up the tank that he realised he filled the diesel tank with unleaded petrol, instead of diesel. Whoops. He called the manager, had it towed home at his expense, and now they need to book it in to get cleaned out.

That sounds incredibly stupid, right? It gets even better!

Today, the branch manager rang the dealership they got the ute from to get a quote on the repairs. The dealership said it would cost $8,300. They then rang the mechanic around the corner from the shop, and got a quote of $300, so they’re going to get it fixed there. Now, since the ute is still under warranty, they wouldn’t have been covered for the act of stupidity, but they would have repaired it, and not voided the warranty. Since they’ve decided to go with a different mechanic, after informing the dealership of the problem, they’re probably going to void the ute’s warranty if they go through with it. How stupid!

This makes all the ditzy stuff I do seem pretty tame. At least I know to put the right fuel in my tank!!!



  1. Gosh, that is one EXPENSIVE mistake. I’m glad I haven’t made that one before!

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