Posted by: k | July 10, 2007

Just me… posting AGAIN!

I think the change of scenery has awoken my muse. Either that, or I have a lot more to rant and rave about recently.

Speaking of rants, ohmygod, my boss is driving me absolutely apeshit at the moment.

Him and his Irish buddies (who, I shall add, are all powerful businessmen in their own right, my boss included) have decided they would like to establish a support group for other Irish people in Brisbane. So that’s what they’ve been working on since March. With considerable contribution from my boss (read: he says what he wants and I do it), they’re holding their inaugural AGM tonight. Which is great. Except now they can’t decide on a name. The name has been changed 3 times today, and it’s only 12:21pm. Take note of that, because every time they change the name, I have to reopen all the forms (that I made up in the first place) and change everything! AAAARRRRHHHHH!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing what they’re trying to do, I think it’s fantastic, and there’s obviously a need for it. I just can’t get any of my office work done at the moment, because my boss is pushing all of this last-minute Irish stuff on me. I’ve got the accounts department pushing me for invoices, the site supervisor asking for files, and the phone ringing off the hook. And I haven’t really been able to do any of that, because of the Irish thing. I’m starting to fall behind! My boss is going for chairman of this new association as well, so once the inaugural meeting is over, I’m still going to be given stuff to type up. I bet I’ll be stuck with the minutes of the meeting tomorrow.

So there’s a rant.

Also, there’s a near-new BMW 4wd parked in our warehouse/kitchen/bathroom area. It belongs to one of my boss’ associates (of course, nobody else can afford a beemer) who lives in Sydney, and he drove it up here. They’re looking for an office up here to open a branch or something. Anyhoo, I came in to work, and thought it was very nice someone had gotten me a new BMW. Haha… One of the guys in the office asked if they’d picked the right colour for me, and I said that I didn’t give a damn what colour it was, as long as it was mine!!! By the way, it’s a really nice deep bluey-green colour.

Le sigh.

Honestly, I don’t want a BMW. I want a brand new Suzuki Swift. They start out at $16K. See, I’m easily pleased.



  1. A Beemer… how posh! 😀 I’m happy with my little Fiesta!

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