Posted by: k | July 9, 2007

Death & Perfectionism

I mentioned that my fishie Spike went to fishie heaven.

I didn’t mention anything about my other fish, Floyd. He’s okay, folks! Even better, he’s just about fully back to normal…

Anyway, that’s the death bit out of the way.

I was on the train this morning, and this woman sat next to me. Perfectly preened. Spotless black suit, not a hair out of place, big sunnies on, and patent leather gloves. Then she opened her perfect leather bag, and got out her ipod, also in a perfect little leather bag. Then her phone rang, and she pulled that out, and that was in a perfect little leather bag too.

What’s the deal with having everything so damn perfect? Eh. I was carrying my new Roxy bag with everything chucked into it. No order, just in there. Which was all good for me.

Then I got thinking… why do we feel the need to be perfect? I’ll admit it. I’m a perfectionist. I like everything to be just so. Nothing ever sits just so, however. And I’m getting a bit jack of trying to be perfect. So maybe that makes me a reformed perfectionist?

Whatever. Stupid bitch just sat next to me to make me feel bad.

 I ended up in Milton at 8:15 this morning, and my class didn’t start till 9am. Why so early? There was a police emergency at one of the stations the train was supposed to stop at, so they diverted it to a different line and we cruised it express style for awhile. So I was at the college about 20 minutes earlier than I had planned…

Ah well.

 You guys will have to bear with me a bit longer, with this whole theme thing. I’m going to make another header, because this one looked good last night, but now, not so good. I don’t like it anymore.

Okay. So maybe I’m not a reformed perfectionist after all…



  1. Oh, I love this one too. Very beautiful!

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