Posted by: k | July 6, 2007

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…

I hate lying to people. I really detest it. I’m not a good liar, either. Probably because I hate doing it so much, and try to avoid it.I had to lie to one of our subcontractors this afternoon. We’ve got a lot of houses that need their driveways done, which is what he does. Concretes all the driveways and paths. Unfortunately, this guy’s in his 60’s, not that healthy, and he can’t keep up… so they’ve started looking for another concretor. They’ve found one, and he’s starting some jobs next week. This guy came in this afternoon and asked me about the files for the next lot of jobs, and I had to lie and say the boss put it back until next week… when really, this other concretor’s about to start.

Then my boss walked in and I had to shoo him away (I gave him his messages) so that I wouldn’t get caught out.
My boss pretty much has no idea what goes on in the office… so he would have blown it.

I really, really hate lying to people.


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