Posted by: k | July 6, 2007

Food & Short Weeks

Everyone’s still in my way! It’s not me!Got taken out to dinner last night, which was nice, but a little odd, since it was a Thursday, after all. It was still good. We went to Sizzler, because I hadn’t been there before. I ended up getting this massive bacon burger, and thinking “oh shit… how am I going to finish this?!” haha… it was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be.

I’m boring lately, don’t have too much to say. Am still sick, of course, but feeling better than I was. I just need to finish off the box of sudafed and catch up on my sleep, and I should be back to normal, whatever normal is for me.

I realised yesterday, I haven't worked a full 5-day week since the Queen’s birthday long weekend, which was in June. And I’m not working a full week next week either, because I have a class up at Axiom. Oh, how I love the train rides to Milton. Not.

On the upside, I can drive again! Woohoo! My poor car was feeling so neglected, sitting unused in the bottom of my driveway for just over a week. It’s not running as well as it was, but considering it hasn’t been driven for a little while, I’m forgiving. I’m also glad I haven’t had to fill it up for about 3 weeks now. I’ve still got half a tank!

Back to work… I’m bored…


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