Posted by: k | July 2, 2007

Still sick…

Who likes being sick? Definitely not me!
I’d rather have my migrane back… and that’s saying something!
Anyhoo, I went to the doctors to see why this headache wouldn’t budge, and I had to have a CT scan… my stupid sinuses were/are so infected they showed up on the scan…
So now I’m taking this penicillin concoction to try and clear it out, and I just feel worse, and worse, and worse.
I’ve gone through 3 full boxes of tissues in 2 and a half days, my head doesn’t feel any clearer, I want to throw up, and yet, being the sucker for punishment that I am, I’m at work. Did I mention that my boss is ignoring my constant nose-blowing and inability to speak coherently? Well, there you go.
I spent the weekend in bed unable to move, and no, I’m not exaggerating.
Who knew sinuses would be such a pain in the arse? I’ve had bad sinuses before… but this is ridiculous.
Oh, and as of today, my asthma has officially kicked in. Which means I’m coughing up my lungs when I’m not blowing my nose. The asthma means that I’m going to be sick for about another 3-4 weeks at least, because usually I’ve got the cough long after everything else is better.
Matt nearly got sacked as well, which adds to the excitement of my weekend. The next time he leaves me on my own to go and play pool down the RSL, I’m going to take his cue, snap it into pieces, sharpen them, and teach myself to play darts.
I know this is a bitchy post, and I’m really sorry. Once you’ve been sick for about 6 weeks or so, all you’ve got left is bitchiness. And boogers, apparently. And phlegm.


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