Posted by: k | June 26, 2007

Who We Talkin Bout?

Who We Talkin Bout?
~The Who’s~
Who is your best friend?: Matt (yes, I’m serious)
Who was the last person you hung out with?: Matt again…
Who was the last person to kiss you?: Matt again… lol
Who was your last incoming call from?: One of the girls at work
Who was your last outgoing call to?: Haven’t called anyone today
Who is somebody that you miss?: Matt
Who was the last person to tell you they loved you?: Matt
Who did you go out to dinner with last?: Matt
Who's house were you at last?: Mine (and Matt’s)
Who did you get in a car with last?: Matt (geez, this is really repetitive..)
~The What’s~
What is your favorite food?: I don’t know at the moment… it changes
What is your favorite drink?: Hot chocolate
What did you do last night?: Watched tv and took my tablets like a good girl
What is the last thing you texted somebody?: Sent Matt a text telling him to send his resume to my work email addy…
What is the last thing somebody texted you?: I got a text telling me to check my voicemail
What did you last eat?: A mediterranian chicken wrap
What is your dream vehicle?: Brand new Suzuki Swift – Sports model.. rawr
What did you want to be when you grew up?: Interior Designer
What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?: Where do I start? Hahaha..
What is your full name?: Kelly Marie Elena
~The Where’s~
Where do you live?: Brisbane. Australia.
Where is your favorite place to hang out?: In front of the tv, or in front of fast food.. lol
Where do always go shopping?: Just local.. lol… too lazy to drive far..
Where is your cell phone?: Next to me
Where do you sleep?: On my side of the bed, which is up against the wall… I need a bigger bedroom!
Where was your default MySpace picture taken?: I don’t have a MySpace. MySpace sucks ass.
Where do you like to be most with your friends?: Probably doing lunch, or shopping
Where are you originally from?: Melbourne – and that’s the first and last time you’ll hear me admit that!
Where is your best friend?: Probably at home watching the clock, so he can come pick me up soon!
Where are you right now?: At work 😦
~The When’s~
When is your birthday?: 18th December
When is the last time you were drunk?: Work Christmas party, cliche, I know…
When is the last time you threw up from drinking?: Never
When is the last time you smoked?: Never
When is the last time you were at a bar?: Last month I think
When is the last time you saw your best friend?: This morning
When is the last time you saw your parents?: This morning
When is the last time you bought a new pair of jeans?: Over a year ago!!! I don’t believe it!
When was the last time you were at a mall?: This morning – had to get the mail
When did you go to bed last night?: about 9:15 ish
~The Why’s~
Why did you fall in love with the person you love?: Because he’s very generous (perhaps overly so), and very funny and sweet.
Why does basically everyone have a MySpace?: Because they’re too lame to find a decent blog site.
Why did you pick your MySpace user name?: I DON’T HAVE A MYSPACE!!!!
Why are you smiling?: Boredom
Why are you filling out this survey?: I’m at work and I want to go home.
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