Posted by: k | June 26, 2007

Head to Toe & Some

Head to Toe & Some (girls only)
What is your name?: Kelly
Married, Single, Dating, Other?: Engaged
Are you a romantic?: Hopelessly
Favorite shampoo and conditioner?: Herbal Essences
Did you pay for your hair color?: Yes
How long is your hair?: Short
How do you wear you hair the majority of the time?: Short…
Do you wear make-up like a ho or go for the natural look?: I like natural
Are you girlish or a tomboy?: Girly girl
If I looked in your closet what would I see?: Skirts, jeans and pretty tops
Would I be shocked by anything in your closet?: Perhaps…
How many rows of clothes do you have?: Too many to count
Do your bras and panties match?: not really
What color lingerie do you prefer?: not sure… not fussed
What is your favorite perfume?: Imari Satin – Avon
Where is your favorite place to be kissed above the belt?: Neck…
Bikini area – shave, wave, bush, brazilian?: Depends on my mood, done all of the above
What do you wear to bed?: PJs
Do you like your body?: Starting to
What's your favorite part of your body? (nothing on your face): boobs… haha
Do you get regular pedicures?: Nope – too ticklish
Do you like your feet?: Sometimes
Is your bellybutton pierced? Why or why not?: Not yet – but I will soon!
Do you like sex?: Yessssss
How many times, on average, do you have sex a week/month?: At least 6 times a week
What is the best excuse you have ever used to get out of having sex?: Um… migrane (and I actually had one) – I don’t normally turn it down!!!
Have you used that excuse this week?: Nope
What is your idea of a romantic night?: Dinner, and then staying out for the night
What does your significant other do that really turns you on?: Lots of things… our little secret
Does thinking about it make you want to ditch this quiz?: mmmmm yes
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