Posted by: k | June 26, 2007

Family & Foes

It’s just me and him against the world, I think.
Sunday night, after finishing off the rest of her wine, mum decided to tell me (again) that her and dad don’t approve of him, and that it’s not too late to admit I’ve made a mistake, and I can still leave him.
Oh, and apparently dad wants me to have a one night stand. Because somehow, that’s going to make me realise that I can do better?
Look, I’m fucking happy, ok? I’m with someone that loves me, respects me, and would do anything for me. I’m not going to leave him just because you two don’t approve. And stop telling me that I’m blinded because he’s the first guy I slept with. Trust me, if I wasn’t happy, and I wanted to end it, I would. He took my virginity, that doesn’t mean he owns me.
Basically, I made a decision without any influence from you two (read: you didn’t tell me what to do this time) and you don’t like it. Instead of having a good old bitch, and telling me you’ll wear black to the wedding, and telling me I can do better, how about you have a newsflash, and realise that I’m HAPPY, and be happy for me.
The sooner we move out of your house the better. Yes, I’m shit scared about finding my own way, but at least we’ll be able to relax.
Oh, and dad, thanks for thinking that I’ll see the light if I go out and make a whore of myself. Seriously. Hearing mum say that really pissed me off. And I’m angry with you.
Just accept it. I’m 99% sure I’m going to marry him. And who knows, part of that might even be to spite you. You know what would really fuck you over? If I got pregnant. You don’t know this, but yeah, I really want to get pregnant. But I won’t. It’s not the right time, and doing it to piss you off really isn’t fair on a baby.
Just get over it, because I’m really starting to resent your criticism of my decision.


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