Posted by: k | May 21, 2007


I feel like absolute shit. Really tired. Slept like shit. Not only do I still have my backache, but now I also have a headache to go with it. Oh, and I think I twisted my neck in my sleep, because that’s sore too. Yay!
I wore my brand new pink jumper to work today. My lovely new hot pink fuzzy jumper. And you know what? Two other people are wearing pink. Figures. But this top is nice and warm, and comfortable… and did I say fuzzy?

The three of us (Mum, Matt & I), have decided to plan a party for Dad’s birthday (which is this Friday). Thing is, he doesn’t know it yet. So, this is the first time we’ve tried to plan a suprise party. We’ve told him that we’re taking him out for tea on Saturday night, but we’ve actually invited all our family friends over for some drinks and nibbles. Mum was trying to figure out what to tell him, because she needs to clean down the decking and the wall and stuff, and then set the tables up. So she’s going to tell Dad that Matt & I are having people over for lunch on Sunday, and that she’s helping us set everything up because we don’t want to get up early to do it… and that the two of them are going to a friend’s place for lunch. Which is all bullshit. This is kinda fun! I can’t wait until Saturday night, and the first people turn up… and the look on his face!

I managed to make it to the gym 4 times last week, so I’m hoping to match that again this week. Hopefully all my aches and pains will ease over the day and I’ll be able to go this afternoon as planned…


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