Posted by: k | May 8, 2007

More randomage

Ok, so this is like, my 3rd or 4th post so far today. I’m just typing out my random thoughts, and then I’ll post, and then I’ll think of something else.

Whoo. Nearly forgot what I was on about. I flicked the screen over for a few minutes, and then had a blank. But I remember!

Big Brother. For some reason, this shit is sucking me in this year. I don’t know why. Most of them are fake, and seriously, only one brunette chick in the whole house? That’s ridiculous! And, I have nothing against blondes (being one myself) but a little bit of variety wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I miss Matt. More randomage. We decided to halt the intimates for a little while.. but I think we lasted like… 3 days. I was going mental! Gah. I think a bolt fell out of the bed last night. Something went clunk. I’m gunna have to have a look this afternoon!


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