Posted by: k | May 8, 2007

Argh! It’s all PINK!!!

I think my colour allegiance (yes, I spellchecked that) is changing. I had the funniest realisation this morning. I opened my handbag, and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was pink!

Man, my favourite colour ever since I can remember has been purple. But no joke, everything is pink now. My purse, my mobile, my glasses case… even my glasses are pink! What gives?

Matt bought me a bunch of tulips on Friday (my favourite flower, alongside frangipanis, which, I might add, I loved before they were splashed all throughout $2 stores and expensive boutiques), and he apologised because they didn’t have any purple ones! I didn’t really care what colour the flowers were, they were beautiful. And they were red, by the way. I had to throw them out yesterday though, which is pretty shocking for fresh flowers. I managed to keep a bunch alive for 2 weeks once.

I just think it’s odd that everything is pink. Gah! At least my handbag today isn’t pink, it’s blue. I’ve gotta fix my stiletto bag, I really miss it, and all the wacky comments I used to get with it.


Geez, even my blog has pink! Where is the purple love! Love love… where is the love… *hums along*


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