Posted by: k | May 8, 2007

Icky icky bug…

It rained all night. It was great. It woke me up at 4am, but it was great.

Geez! Chris just came in to pick up the envelopes, and a massive cockroach jumped out! She’s quick though. It’s dead, and now I just have to recover from the shock. Whoo. Blood rush to the head.

I really like this blog. I like that I can freely express my opinion, without shouting in people’s ears. I like it being semi-private, and not having everyone knowing the address. If anyone I don’t want reading this finds it, and I know about it, I just have to make everything private. I don’t really want to make it private, I kind of like the idea of my thoughts being laid out for the world to see. I like reading other people’s blogs too. It’s kind of like driving around at night, and being able to get a glimpse of other people’s lives as you drive past. No, I don’t mean that in a stalker kind of way. It’s just interesting to get a glimpse of how other people live their lives.

Anyway. More random thoughts! Amazing how my mind wanders sometimes…


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