Posted by: k | April 30, 2007

Eating Plan

Alethea’s noticed I’ve been strugging on my *ahem* weight loss journey, and after she looked at my food diary, she offered to write up an eating plan for me to help me with the lack of results. She just got me to tell her what I will and won’t eat (eg, I hate all kinds of fruit *waits for all the shock to die down* and I won’t eat it, and YES I’ve tried to eat fruit, but I love beetroot and eggs and stuff) and came up with something that I’m likely to stick to.

I’m kinda shocked, honestly, because it’s only in the past few weeks that I feel like a proper friendship is beginning with me and the other girls in the office, and now we’re exercising together one day a week, and now Alethea’s taking more of an interest in what I’m eating etc. I told her she didn’t have to, and she said that she wanted to help, and also that her sister is 19, the same age as me, and she’s fit and healthy. So I guess she decided to help out a bit before things get too bad for me…

On one hand I feel horrible for needing help, but also I’m looking forward to trying something a little different, and hoping for some results.


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