Posted by: k | April 23, 2007

Road Ragin’!

Dear Frigwit,

Thank you ever so kindly for walking out in front of my car this morning. Had I been going any faster, or braked any later, you would have been roadkill. And yes, I yelled idiot at the top of my lungs because you scared the shit out of me. What fucking idiot walks out in front of a car that they SAW coming towards them? FOOL!

Maybe I should have hit you, would have relieved some stress from the shit day I'm having. Fucking idiot. Hope someone DOES hit you. Then you’ll learn.

I should have planted my foot down. Fucktard.

Your mother obviously taught you to look both ways before crossing the road, but she didn’t teach you to FUCKING STAND AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD when a car is approaching.


The girl that should have skittled your arse.


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